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What makes a veterinary practice a success? The Veterinary TEAM is the answer. Meet the Team at Clifton Ave Animal Hospital. We are a group of caring individuals, each contributing our own unique abilities to ensure high-quality veterinary care for your pets. Dedication to service is a top priority for us all.


Dr.M.Yasin received his bachelor degree in Veterinary Medicine and Surgery since 1995 from his homeland Jordan, immigrated to the United States, and started his journey by working as a veterinary technician in several hospitals, at the same time he pursued his dream to become a licensed veterinarian and signed up on the AVMA approved program ECFVG and become licensed in 2013. With his high qualifications and experience, he started as an emergency veterinarian, where he handled life and death cases and learned to make quick decisions and actions. Being married, with a wife and four kids, two daughters and two sons, he had to switch to a day practice to be able to give his family the time they deserve. He worked in different veterinary hospitals until he established his own Clifton Ave Animal Hospital in 2016.

Dr.Tamara Herron

Dr. Tamara Herron is originally from Jersey City, NJ, where her interest in animals began at the age of 7 years old.  She completed her bachelor's degree at Rutgers - The State University of New Jersey in 2008, double majoring in Animal Science and Ecology. She received her veterinary degree from the University of Pennsylvania in 2012. She has a clinical interest in soft tissue surgery. Dr. Herron lives in Jersey City, NJ with her adorably sweet cat - Garfield, and cherishes the memory of her spunky, yet loveable dog - Speedy.  In her spare time, she enjoys working with children, singing, dancing, and reading.  


Monica has been working here at Clifton Ave since the summer of 2017. She has been working with animals for the past 7 years, starting out as a kennel/doggie daycare counselor and getting certified as a veterinary assistant. She is currently on her way to being certified as a Licensed Veterinary Technician. She has a strong passion within this field and currently has 4 cats and 2 dogs of her own. Monica strongly believes that a bond between a pet and its owner is something special and always consists of love.


Jessica has been working at Clifton Ave Animal Hospital since it's grand opening, after working at another animal hospital as a Client Service Coordinator for a few years. As a kid, Jessica has always had a love for animals, having pets such as chickens, ducks, dogs, cats, etc.  She graduated from The College of New Jersey with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies, where she applies her degree on a daily basis working with clients and their fur babies. She has always wanted to work with animals, and what better way to apply her degree and her passion than by helping pets feel better and making their owners happy? Jessica is our "in-house Boxer expert", owning two fur babies of her own (Cassius and Laila), if you have any questions, please ask!

Tori (The Person)

Tori (the person) has been working here at Clifton Ave since our opening. She has been working with animals since the age of 11, volunteered all through High School and worked as a Vet Assistant at another practice for 3 years. She currently attends Rutgers University, where she is studying to get her Bachelor's in Animal Science, with a minor in Equine Science, and hopes to be a Veterinarian one day. She also has a pet of her own, Autumn, who is a Coon Hound and whom she loves dearly!

Tori (The Cat)

Meet, Tori (the cat)! Tori was presented to Dr. Yasin as a gift for the hospital. Tori is known to be our sassiest staff member and her attitude is very "you can look, but don't touch", so if she runs away when you go pet her, don't feel offended, she does it to all of us. You can usually find her at the front desk, greeting clients or sleeping. When she's not at the front desk, she's at our lab area giving us kitten eyes to turn on the faucet so that she may quench her thirst.


Jordan tends to eat, play and poop all day. His hobbies include bothering Tori, bothering Tori, and climbling all over the place. If your pet is into cats, please let us know so that we may introduce Jordan to them, since his social skills are still not up to par; don't worry, Tori (the cat) is working on it!


Frank lives for eating and sleeping all day long in Dr. Yasin’s office. He’s the old man of the group with a grumpy, yet lovable, attitude. Frank was adopted by Tori (the person) in May 2017, after he was brought in by a good Samaritan who noticed he was in bad shape, requiring multiple surgeries to repair an abscess on his neck. You might catch him every now a then, eating Tori’s (the cat) food up front, or cuddling with clients in our lobby. To see pictures of Frank’s transformation, visit our Facebook page!



Sparrow was brought in by Anne and Teresa (two well-known Rescuers in the area), who found her in their car engine with her leg broken in July 2017. Upon examination, her leg was broken beyond repair, which led to amputation. Of course, we all fell in love with her and her resilient attitude and decided to add her to our Clifton Ave family. You’ll never catch her up front, since she prefers to hang out in Dr. Yasin’s office as Frank grooms her all day.


Meet McGregor! The newest and (hopefully) FINAL addition to our Clifton Ave Cat Club, who came our way on November 2017. McGregor was brought in for urinary blockage, which turned for the worse. His owners could not afford the surgery to unblock, and opted to humanely euthanize. Of course, we couldn’t bare to let McGregor go, knowing that surgery could save his life and we could give him many more years. So here he is, always begging for food and kisses. We couldn’t imagine the hospital without him.

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