Our Services

House Calls

If you or your pet is unable to make it to our office, we are willing to make house calls.  Contact us to set up an appointment, and we’ll send a professional to you as soon as possible.  Don’t let anything stand in the way of your pet’s well-being.

Flea and Tick Program

Parasites are not only an annoyance to pets, but a dangerous health hazard as well, and they can strike at any time.  We won’t let that happen to your pets.  We run a thorough treatment to get parasites away from your pets and give you the tools and knowledge to keep them from returning.

Surgical Procedures

Any kind of surgery your pet may need, from a simple neutering to removing malignant tumors, will be performed with utmost care.  Visit our office or call us for more details on exactly what our surgical process is and how we modify it depending on the patient.


As heartbreaking as it is, euthanasia may be your last option.  We can ease the burden for you, euthanizing your pet with a painless, humane process and supporting the owners during their grieving during the procedure in a convenience of your own home.


More than curing your pets of illnesses, we can prevent them from happening in the first place.  A pet at optimum health is fed on an optimally healthy diet.  Help give your pet the best health it can have alongside one of our nutritionists.

Health Certificates

When traveling with your pet, specifically flying, you’ll need proof of their health in a health certificate.  Our vets are certified to give the checkups that these certificates require.  We can assign them to healthy pets, and help unhealthy ones get to a travel-ready state.

Annual Wellness Exams

Even if your pet is perfectly healthy, they still need regular check-ups to keep them healthy.  Visit our office to learn more about our wellness plans, our check-up procedures, and to schedule your pet’s next wellness exam.

Vaccination & Preventative Medicine

Just like humans, animals can be protected from fatal diseases by vaccines and boosters, and just like humans, it’s good to start them early on.  We provide vaccines for a number of diseases that commonly affect household pets.

Pet Dentistry

One very important factor in a healthy pet is a healthy mouth.  Your pet’s teeth are more important, and require more care than you may realize.  We can clean your pet’s mouth and help you take the steps needed to keep it clean.


Losing a pet is a very real and very scary fact of life, but preventative methods can be taken.  Microchipping is a painless, and simple process that allows animal shelters and veterinarians to locate you no matter where your pet ends up.  We can help keep you and your pet together.

In-House Diagnostics and Pharmacy

Get your pet tested and diagnosed all in one place.  We have the tools to perform diagnostics right here in our office.  When we prescribe medications for our patients, we don’t leave you on your own to find a pharmacy to order them.  Our in-house pharmacy will have all your pet’s medications ready for you to pick up within the hour.  

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