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Dental Care

Dental Care

Quality Pet Dental Care Services

Just as you care for your teeth, your furry friend needs their teeth taken care of, too!  Dental care for your pet not only helps ensure that they won’t knock you over with their bad breath, but that they’ll be able to avoid a myriad of different health risks.  For example, if your pet has a broken tooth, they run the risk for infection, loss of appetite, irritability, and further damage to their other teeth, tongue, and gums.  Even something that may seem so simple as tartar and plaque can do serious long-term damage to your pet’s teeth and gums, causing them pain and early tooth loss in the future.  To ensure that your pet’s teeth are healthy and just as gorgeous as they are, we suggest that they receive a dental checkup yearly.  Be sure to get their teeth and mouths checked sooner, however, if you notice warning signs such as abnormally bad breath, excessive drooling, loss of appetite, bleeding, swelling, or discolored teeth.  You can help your pet keep those pearly whites healthy at home, as well!  By using a soft toothbrush and being patient, you can brush your pets teeth at home everyday, or at least a few times a week.  There are different pet safe toothpastes available, but they aren’t necessary.  A simple wet toothbrush running back and forth over your pet’s teeth can do wonders for them!  Also, although there are multiple items such as chew toys and treats that claim to help keep your pet’s mouth fresh and plaque free, it’s always best to ask your vet first.  Your trusted veterinarian will be able to help you decide the best course of dental hygiene for your furry friend, and make sure that they’ll be smiling happily and healthily for many years to come!

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