In-house euthanasia allows your pet's final journey to sleep in a peaceful, painless, and dignified manner.

Euthanasia of pets is a vulnerable moment for their owners. Sensitive to this universal truth, Clifton Ave Animal Hospital acts with care, kindness and devotion against the background of the owner's intense emotions. In-home euthanasia for family cats and dogs is a generous and humane option the hospital brings. It allows a dying or sick animal companion to have his/her life ended while loved ones surround him/her in a familiar environment. The last distressing trip to a veterinary office is delicately circumvented. The utmost privacy for saying goodbye and for grieving prevails.


In-house euthanasia brings home the gentle way to drive the pet to a genuinely peaceful end. The close relationship between the owners and their pets moves the experts of our hospital to render the service. A step-by-step procedure allows the time for sharing stories about the pet and pet care with the specialist. It is a personal, intimate approach, and is pet respectful.


To release the pet from suffering, disease or pain is a process of compassion. The professionalism of our hospital's team helps to minimize any anxiety the owner goes through before or during the in-house euthanasia process. The philosophy of the experts lies in avoiding any discomfort in the course of the final steps. Any tips they provide about managing the grief add value to experiencing the unique bond with the pet in the most comforting way. This alleviates the distress. Sharing the emotions makes up a vital part of the healing process from the pet loss. Clifton Ave Animal Hospital professionals perform caring capabilities in this vein.


Respecting the family's values related to paying tribute to the beloved pet falls deep into the service priorities. This fundamental understanding of our hospital stems from their privilege to be able to help during the pet's final journey and send him/her to sleep in a peaceful, painless, and dignified manner.

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