House Calls

We believe good health starts at home.

Every person that raises a pet, be it a dog or a cat, knows one thing for sure - they need attention 24/7.

At Clifton Ave Animal Hospital, we offer the service of house calls and home visits, so we're ready whenever there's a question or emergency with your pet.


We are aware that some pet owners have issues when it comes to transportation, especially when owner or pet have some physical limitations. Often they can't find the time to come to our Hospital because of busy work schedules or want a personal and the most gentle treatment possible for their pet. Specifically, senior pets can't handle the stress too well. It can get difficult when someone is responsible for multiple animals, and rather would want us to do regular check-ups for all of them in the comfort of their home.

In all those cases, you should consider using our house call service.

 Also in cases of emergencies, we know every hour counts and nothing is more important than to get aid for your animal as fast as possible, to release it from pain and stress. Unfortunately, it's rare to find good veterinarians that offer home service in the Clifton, New Jersey area, keep our contact information close by. Whether it's minor or major incidents, all you need to do is give us a call, explain the problem you are experiencing, and we will try our best to give the right advice through the phone. In most cases, we hope that our helpful advice is all it takes, but if you wish, or it turns out your pet needs immediate treatment, we will send our veterinarians and assistants to your house.


We know it can be a little frightening when you witness your pet's condition suddenly getting worse, but please don't hesitate to give us a call. Like everyone else, we believe good health starts at home, and our home service exists for that reason.


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