Our experienced and highly skilled surgeons provide safe spaying and neutering procedures

At Clifton Ave Animal Hospital, we offer care services that will guarantee your pet a long and healthy lifestyle.


Our experienced and highly skilled surgeons provide safe spaying and neutering procedures for all pets. Neutering male dogs and cats reduce marking/spraying, aggression, and roaming. Your veterinarian can help you decide on the appropriate age for this procedure.

It is equally essential to spay a female dog. Spayed females have a low to no risk of mammary gland tumors/cancer, pyometra,  uterine/ovarian cancers, and uterine infections. It also costs less than caring for a litter.

We make sure that your pet can stay healthy and active because we understand how much you love your furry family members. Many people believe that spaying or neutering pets may affect them, but we assure all pet owners that doing this does not alter your pet’s personality at all or in any other negative manner.

Spaying and neutering help pets to live much longer and also healthier lives. The risk of the pets getting any uterine, testicular or ovarian cancer is reduced together with the proneness of getting any other diseases. Apart from neuter and spray services, we also carry out Tumor excisions, amputations, biopsies, lacerations, aural hematoma, cherry eye and any other abdominal surgeries that your pet may need. For all your pets needs and other health aspects such as medicine, call and schedule an appointment to get the best for your pet.

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